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We craft award-winning user experiences, service design and innovation based on psychology, science and behavioural insights.

Microsoft, Skype
Ryanair, Unilever
Smyths Toys, Philips

Behavioural design

We use a deep understanding of people and over 50 specialist skills, combining cognitive psychology, behavioural sciences, human insights and design thinking. We craft digital products and services that resonate with users, are much more highly effective and designed around both user and business needs. We're used to working on complex challenges and turning them into intuitive, simple and engaging experiences.

Service design, product design, UX design and prototyping, innovation, PoC, MVP, behaviour change, PET design.

Indepth research 

We delve deep to understand how people really behave, how they feel, what they think and why. Our researchers are very highly skilled in conducting unbiased research in a scientific manner and are trained specialists. This eliminates negative influences like biases and priming that can invalidate findings. We conduct research across the whole product development lifecycle, digital experiences, retail and offline using a wide range of research methods and technology to acquire insights. 

Product development, market research, prototype tests, ethnographic, diary, usability, eye tracking, software, apps, in-store, depths.

Conversion Optimisation / CRO 

Our highly skilled, specialist team focus on improving the performance of your online and digital platforms. We can focus on a specific problem or page, or we can work together on a longer term basis to continuously improve your conversion and other KPIs. We'll uncover the whys behind your data then design solutions using all of our years of understanding user behaviour and persuasive design methods.

International research 

Uncover consumer needs in global markets and ensure your product succeeeds. If you already have a global market or are expanding internationally, we can research in those markets and craft designs that will resonate, meeting user needs and aligning with their mental models. 

Research markets, analyse consumer behaviour, design, test and iterate concept ideas, validate products and digital experiences and much more. 

Work with industry experts, hands-on in your projects

You might have seen us on BBC Breakfast, heard us on the radio, read our books, heard about our work, our awards, or met us at a UX event. We've worked in UX a long time, we're passionate about what we do and doing great work.

You always work directly with UX experts who will take time to do their best work on your projects so that you get better results. We're professionally qualified and very highly experienced. We never pass your work down to juniors or rush it to get to the next client. We're genuinely care about your project, great results and making you look good.

We utilise a wide range of skills such as psychology, neuroscience, PET design, biometrics and much more to craft compelling digital experiences that really work. We're innovators - creating guidelines for new technology, building the pioneering Home UX Lab and user recruitment agency I Need Users.

UX Books

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UX Crunch North: Host and sponsors

UX Live: UX Psychology workshop (October)

Every design element has sound rationale based on real user insights, data, psychology and science

Mobile UX Redesign

We work internationally. All platforms and sectors. Case studies available upon request.

How can our experts help you?

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Need recruitment or a lab?

Have a look at our other companies within the KIU group. They are pioneeering, to bring you better user recruitment and a pioneering, homely research lab.

i Need Users UX Participant Recruitment
Home UX Research Lab

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